Diagnosis & Therapy: The Pro Symptom Checker & Tracker for Physical, Occupational, Speech ddx & Blood Test Guide FREE! App Anmeldelser

Don't bother downloading

I kept looking how to access the rest of the app because all I could see was a really well list of medical terminology and conditions with even weaker descriptions.


This app is pretty worthless. Not enough information on site.


Took forever to load, and the game does NOT Work! Total waste of time and energy! This app is a rip off. ):<

This app is crap


Worst app ever

Worst dont get it is so dumb and stupid it doesn't do anything except give you definitions that you can look up your self it's just body parts definitions don't get it is the dumbest app ever

Soo cool

Not bad but it works

Free App scams

This application "Diagnosis & Therapy" is just like every other free application that is put out by the Michael Quach group, which appears to be a machine for pumping out free app crap with advertisements on the bottom to make money. Every single app of theirs has the exact same format as this one and is basically useless information copied and pasted from the internet such as wikipedia and the like, and packaged together as if they have actually something to offer. Just Google or Wikipedia your questions and you'll actually get reasonable information. Don't waste your time on any of these products. I'm amazed that iTunes actually allows these "designers" to continue to produce applications like these that just clog up space when we are searching for apps which might actually add value to the utility of our iphones.


This app is ridiculous. It offers definitions of things like 'antibiotic,' 'antidepressant,' 'x-ray,' MRI,' etc. There are 33 of those and it teaches you nothing new. If this were a "lite" version of a more extensive and detailed app I'd give it 3 1/2- 4 stars because navigation is easy and the definitions are clear. If this is the "lite" version then please disregard this, but I did not see where it stated it was.

Not bad

Decent app, works well. Could benefit from more info in the database

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